Mt Rogers Outfitters provides shuttles to all major trailheads within a 100 mile radius of Damascus, Virginia. For your comfort and convenience, the hostel is located across the street and in close proximity to the Appalachian Trail, the Post Office and the Laundromat. Safe long term parking is available should you decide to strap on your pack and hike the trail for a month or two. Come backpack the Grayson Highlands and browse Mt Rogers Outfitters for the latest in outdoor gear!

No hostel reservations during thru hiker season (March-June). Other seasons and for shuttle reservations, please call .  RESERVATIONS WILL NOT BE TAKEN VIA EMAIL. Shuttle and Hostel prices are subject to change. Shuttle reservations taken by phone only. This institution is operated under special use permit with the Jefferson and Washington National Forest. See the rooms.

HOSTEL Regulations and Prices:
Stay at the Mt Rogers Outfitters Hostel for $21.00 per room per night. Maximum two night stay. Maximum two hikers per room.  There are a total of 5 rooms and includes shower facilities and plenty of room to store your backpacking gear. No alcohol. No Dogs.
Hiker parking at the Mt Rogers Outfitters Hostel is $5.00 a day per vehicle.

($5.00 extra per rider over four)

From MRO store to:  
Trailheads in Virginia:  
Taylor's Valley $20.00
Rt. 58 - Straight Branch $15.00
Creek Junction $30.00
Rt. 58 - Summit Cut $35.00
601 - Bugger Rock $35.00
Elk Garden $45.00
Massie Gap $70.00
Fox Creek $45.00
White Top Mt. $60.00
Troutdale $50.00
Dickey Gap $55.00
Mt. Rogers H.Q. $75.00
I-81 - Adkins $90.00
Rt. 672 $80.00
Rt. 670 $80.00
Rt. 42 $125.00
Forest Service Rd. 222 $155.00
Bastian/Bland $155.00
Rt. 623 $155.00
Pearisburg $220.00
Beartree Gap $20.00

Trailheads in Tennessee:
Hwy 421 $40.00
Hwy 91 $40.00
Hampton 321 $85.00
Dennis Cove $105.00
Tri-Cities Airport $70.00
Hwy 19 - Roan Mt. $130.00
Hwy 19 - Elk Park $130.00
Carvers Gap $150.00
Hughes Gap $140.00
Iron Mt. Gap $140.00
Erwin $155.00
Watauga Dam Rd. $85.00
Sam's Gap $170.00
Hot Springs $230.00
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Hostel is across the street from the Appalachian Trail
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